Botany Series: Plant Families in the Field (Muir Woods Redwood Creek Loop) - Rescheduled Date
Muir Woods

Stretch your legs and get out your hand lens! Spend the morning among old-growth redwoods and on the banks of Redwood Creek for a botany-oriented hike examining several plant families and genera. On our last hike we documented 66 families! Although we will be in the woods, you can expect a range of weather, it could be foggy to misty wet, or dry and warm- dress appropriately. Bring water, snacks and or lunch. Hike is 3.5 miles and moderately strenuous. Trails on the canyon walls are dirt, narrow, steep, and rutted with tree roots; while the main path in the park is an elevated boardwalk. We will be visiting riparian, herbaceous, woodland, and the old growth forest, naturally, and we might even catch a glimpse of the rare albino redwood. Its the time of year to enjoy examining seeds, fruits, and ferns! Meet at Muir Woods Park entrance.

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Time: 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM
1 Muir Woods Road
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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