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Dear Friend,

Welcome back rain! Celebrate the return of the winter season with our Welcome Back Salmon walk and our Winter Solstice Hike. Roll up your sleeves and join the Climate Change, Fire and Grassland Restoration program up along Mt. Tam's ridgelines, restore grasslands along Lake Lagunitas with MMWD, or contemplate the "zen of weeding" down below in the redwood forests of Samuel P. Taylor State Park. Whether with us, or out on your own, we hope you can find time to connect to Mt. Tam.

Thank you to everyone who supported One Tam in 2019. Together, we trained and organized 210 community scientists, engaged 530 youth, recruited 688 volunteers for our habitat and trail restoration efforts, and our outreach efforts reached over 6,500 community members. If you are not yet a member of One Tam, please join us! Or this holiday season, consider a gift membership to One Tam. Your support really does make a difference.

~ Your friends at One Tam

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MUWO_150131_MDu_556- 580.JPG

Hands on Tam Volunteers at Muir Woods. Photo by Maria Durana, Parks Conservancy.


Climate Change, Fire, and Grassland Restoration
9 am-12:30 pm

What can we do to help our parks adapt to climate change? Join us to learn about climate change impacts to the Bay Area and Mt. Tam, and for a hands-on project to improve important grassland habitat! More information and registration>>   


Zen Of Weeding At Samuel P. Taylor State Park  
1-3 pm

Join this special reconnaissance-style weeding adventure. We'll search for invasive forget-me-nots, panic veldt grass and other weeds. More information and registration>>   


Love Lake Lagunitas- with MMWD Habitat Restoration Team   
9 am-Noon

Our grassy meadows are home to sun-loving plants and animals and are hunting grounds for birds of prey. The fruits of our open canopy hardwoodsoak, bay and madrone treesnourish abundant forest wildlife. Halt the advancement of the fast-growing species like Douglas-fir trees that threaten to take over grasslands and oak woodlands. For more information, please visit, and for questions, please email


Marin Wildlife Picture Index Project Announcement 

One Tam is excited to announce that we are starting the transition to the new and improved version of Wildlife Insights, the software we use to record our observations for the Marin Wildlife Picture Index Project. During this transition our cataloging workshop volunteer programs will be on hiatus; we estimate that we will back in action in spring 2020. Thank you to all who have contributed to this project; we look forward to connecting with you again soon!

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Winter on Mt Tam- snowfall 2019

Winter on Mt. Tam. A dusting of snow covered the peaks of Mt. Tam last February. Photo by Paul Myers, Parks Conservancy.


Guided Hike to Honor the 75th Anniversary of the US Navy PBM-5 Mariner Crash on Mt. Tam 
Saturday, December 14, 9:30 am- 12:30 pm

(This hike was originally scheduled for November 30, but has been rescheduled due to rain)

Join this historical hike to the PBM-5 Mariner Crash site on Mt. Tam. Learn about the accident, the men who lost their lives, and MMWD’s history of preserving and protecting the Mt. Tam watershed for over 100 years. Register >> 


One Tam Member Outing: Welcome Back Salmon! 
Tuesday, December 17, 1-3 pm

Learn about the amazing life cycle of our coho salmon and about MMWD's and other local efforts to protect this endangered population. This hike was optimistically scheduled for mid-December, but is dependent on a number of unknown-as-yet factors. Register to stay in the loop about any needed schedule changes. 


Winter Solstice on Mt. Tam  

Saturday, December 21, 4-6:30 pm

Join our winter solstice gathering on Mt. Tam: take a break from the busy bustle of the holidays and reconnect to our natural world. Our low key gathering will start at Pantoll ranger station, travel less than a mile to view the sunset and will then return to Pantoll campground for campfire, poems and s'mores. More information and registration >>


original- 580.JPG

Western monarch. Photo by David Greenberger, One Tam.


Marin's Monarch Movement

Our Western monarch butterfly population is in crisis, with an estimated decline of 97% since the 1980's (Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, July 3, 2019). West Marin's Environmental Action Committee is working to coordinate efforts in Marin County to support Monarchs. To learn more about how to support monarchs and get involved locally in Marin, visit


Protecting Mt. Tam's Grasslands: thank you volunteers! 

Last month we shared that grasslands are a conservation priority for One Tam (One Tam’s Peak Health research). Many birds and other animals depend on open grassland for their habitat, but unfortunately, grasslands are quickly disappearing due to developement and encroachment of invasive plants. Even our beautiful and native Douglas-fir tree can become invasive in the absence of natural processeses such as fire. Thanks to our volunteers, we are making  progress in keeping Mt. Tam grasslands open. If you would like to get involved and learn more about this effort, contact Rosa Schneider at

20191102_MOTA_BCa (2) - Rosa Schneider- 580.JPG
20191102_MOTA_BCa (5) - Rosa Schneider- 580.JPG

Recent grassland restoration results on Mt. Tam before (top photo) and after (bottom photo) volunteers removed Douglas-fir seedlings from Mt. Tam's Bolinas Ridge grasslands. In the absence of natural processes such as fire, our Douglas-fir forests can expand into and take over our grasslands. These grasslands may look unimpressive now in their dormant season, but just wait for spring time! The spring wildflower season reveals a rich array of grasses and wildflowers that many birds and other animals depend upon. Photos by Rosa Schneider, One Tam. 



About Us

California poppy along Mt. Tam's Ridgecrest Blvd



One Tam works to ensure a healthy, vibrant and diverse landscape for our beloved and iconic Mt. Tam. We are the community-supported partnership of Mt. Tam’s land agencies and managers.

One Team leads programs that care for our mountain, inspire our next generation of land stewards and strengthen our local community. We invite you to join us!




Going Further, Together

One Tam brings together inspired community members with its five partners to support the long-term stewardship of Mt. Tam.
One Tam Partner Logos: National Park Service, CA State Parks, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Marin Municipal Water District, and Marin County Parks

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