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Dear Friend,

Trails do so much for us.

A path through nature can provide a space to form memories with family, discover new species, perfect our favorite hobbies, push our physical limits and find common ground with strangers.

For the teams at the One Tam partner agencies, stewardship programs and trails are often our most valuable place to connect with people from all corners of the Bay Area who share in our work. June 6 marked National Trails Day, a date when we traditionally don our work gloves and raise a shovel with anyone interested in sustaining our trail network and protecting Mt. Tam.

With many of our public events canceled this year, our efforts have instead focused squarely on safely restoring access to our parklands and open space across Marin. We hope that the reopening of our public lands provides literal common ground for people from all paths of life to heal and engage with the beauty of this one planet we all share.

Earlier this month, Marin County Parks offered staff and support to the National Park Service as NPS reopened Stinson Beach and other cherished public lands. In doing so they demonstrated a fundamental belief of the One Tam partnership: Organizations and the people within them can do more when they work together and share their skills and strengths.

In recent days we have found ourselves returning this idea and to some of the foundational work of our shared mission. We are listening to the needs of those who share in our work. We also see more clearly than ever the necessity of learning from those who don’t yet share in our work.

As our parklands reopen, we remain committed to another core belief of One Tam: Historic boundaries - both geographic and institutional - won’t determine the future health of Mt. Tam or the communities who share it. We’ll create that future, together. 

~ Your friends at One Tam

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Where to Get your Essential Outdoor Time

Image: One Tam park access map

One Tam's Park Access Map. Image: Zac Stanley


June has brought restored vehicle access to many but not all public parks in Marin. Our partners from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy have been updating a map at to help clarify what is open on our partner lands. For park access information spanning the entire Bay Area, visit, a new site from Together Bay Area.  

 Looking for other ways to enjoy the parks? Try these links:

  • How can you contribute to the health of Mt. Tam? Members can join us for a June 17th webinar on how to become a 21st Century naturalist through community science. Register here
  • Explore Lagunitas Creek as we explain how the invasive Japanese knotweed damages our watershed. 
  • Virtually trek across some of Tam's most popular trails as you prepare your summer to-do list of local hikes.
Image: King Tides at Bothin Marsh

Marin County Parks and the Parks Conservancy lead a tour of Bothin Marsh. Photo: Paul Myers/Parks Conservancy


One Tam's work to preserve Bothin Marsh was recently featured in the Parks Conservancy's Annual Report. View the report to see how Marin County Parks is working with partners to engage the public in a conversation around sea level rise and to protect the future of this treasured public space. 

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Naturalist Find of the Month: Gopher Snake 


This photo was uploaded to iNat by Erin Lacour of Marin County Parks.  

You may well have seen a gopher snake over the last month as they emerged from hibernation in search of mates. Gopher snakes are often mistaken for rattlesnakes, but unlike rattlesnakes, they have narrow heads, glossy bodies, and a pointy tail without a rattle. When a gopher snake feels threatened it may mimic a rattlesnake by coiling up, shaking its tail, and hissing. If you missed their May mating frenzy, tread carefully on the trail in early fall when their adorable hatchlings emerge.

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Image: One Tam's Will Mateo

Will's work will center on building a team of trained trail volunteers


Trail Stewardship Program Manager Will Mateo will be leading efforts to organize a core team of trail volunteers across our partner agencies. When he began volunteering on trail stewardship projects in high school, Will found that the work boosted his self-confidence and sense of inner peace. He has been hooked ever since. He's now looking to share that passion with volunteers on the mountain. 

Interested in working with Will? Email him to learn more about the volunteering opportunities on our trails. 


About Us

Tiburon Mariposa Lily on Mt. Tam

Tiburon Mariposa Lily on Mt. Tam
Photo: David Greenberger/Parks Conservancy

One Tam works to ensure a healthy, vibrant and diverse landscape for our beloved and iconic Mt. Tam. We are the community-supported partnership of Mt. Tam’s land agencies and managers.

One Team leads programs that care for our mountain, inspire our next generation of land stewards and strengthen our local community. We invite you to join us.

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Going Further, Together

One Tam brings together inspired community members with its five partners to support the long-term stewardship of Mt. Tam.
One Tam Partner Logos: National Park Service, CA State Parks, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Marin Municipal Water District, and Marin County Parks

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