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Plants, animals and environmental threats don't see our property lines. That's why the One Tam partnership works across the landscape to find projects and programs that benefit the whole mountain. 

One Tam's Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) weed management program is a stellar example of a landscape-scale approach to managing Mt. Tam. The EDRR team monitors for outbreaks of invasive plants before they have a chance to establish, saving Mt. Tam's biodiversity, and saving all of us costly resources in the future. 

The EDRR team just hit a remarkable milestone: a report on the completion of a survey spanning 400 miles of roads, trails and riparian corridors on Mt. Tam.  You can learn more about One Tam's EDRR program, in the team's recently-released Beyond Boundaries report. 

We want to thank our members and partners for supporting this work, and invite you all to dig in to the full report to learn more about the health of Mt. Tam. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining us to help fund these landscape-scale programs. 

~Your friends at One Tam

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One Tam's Science Summit is Back! And Other Opportunities to Connect
Save the Date: The One Tam Science Summit

The One Tam partners, together with Drawdown Marin, are bringing you a series of presentations, conversations, and self-guided field trips to explore this year’s Science Summit theme of Climate: Change and Resilience. Each Thursday in October we’ll explore a range of topics including climate change impacts here in Marin. Registration will begin in August, with updated details appearing on our website

The EDRR team on the lookout for invasive plants

The EDRR team on the search for invasive plants.  Photo: One Tam


Searching for more links to the natural world?

  • One Tam Member Webinar series: Join us on Wednesday 8/26 from 5-6pm, to hear from One Tam partners about our Forest Health work and some of our related projects and programs at Roy’s Redwoods. We’ll share more details next week with members. Not a member yet? Join us
  • Biodiversity Day 2020: California is a biodiversity hotspot, but many species in the Golden State are under threat. One Tam and the California State Parks will mark Biodiversity Day 2020 with a program aimed at middle and high school students. Register on our website for a peek at efforts to support our unique biodiversity.
  • A fresh look at the Muir legacy: The Sierra Club's decision to distance itself from John Muir's legacy has renewed questions about the Muir Woods name. Read comments from our partners at NPS and the Parks Conservancy about their commitment to teaching the totality of the history of the site. 
  • Best staycation idea in town: The Chronicle recently dubbed Mt. Tam a "peak staycation option" for outdoor travel. Have you visited all the spots on author Tom Stienstra's checklist
  • Evolving Shorelines at Bothin Marsh: Did you miss our question and answer session in July about the planning process for work at Bothin Marsh and the Bay Trail? Catch up by watching our presentation

Naturalist Find: rEDWOOD sIDEBAND

iNaturalist find of the month: Redwood Sideband

Our iNaturalist observation of the month was catptured at Muir Woods by Lili Maturo (a LINC 2020 participant!)

This redwood sideband was observed at the recently re-opened Muir Woods.  These snails inhabit forested areas throughout Northern California. Most land snails are active during the wet season, but during the dry season can sometimes be observed traversing the forest floor on foggy days. Land gastropods are detritivores, consuming fungi, lichen, leaf-litter, and scat found on the forest floor.


Introducing: Katherine Jones


Kathrine will lead policy and institutional fundraising for One Tam.


Katherine "Kat" Jones joins the One Tam team as the Director of Government and Institutional Support. Raised in Marin, Katherine brings a track record of successful grant and state-wide policy work during her time with Marin County Parks and The Trust for Public Land. She'll now work to lead several relationship-building and fundraising efforts that will sustain our partnership into the future. Want to know more? Email Katherine and learn how you can help support One Tam. 


About Us

California poppy along Mt. Tam's Ridgecrest Blvd

A California Poppy photographed on Mt. Tamalpais

One Tam works to ensure a healthy, vibrant and diverse landscape for our beloved and iconic Mt. Tam. We are the community-supported partnership of Mt. Tam’s land agencies and managers.

One Team leads programs that care for our mountain, inspire our next generation of land stewards and strengthen our local community. We invite you to join us.

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Going Further, Together

One Tam brings together inspired community members with its five partners to support the long-term stewardship of Mt. Tam.
One Tam Partner Logos: National Park Service, CA State Parks, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Marin Municipal Water District, and Marin County Parks

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