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Dear Friend,

Much has changed since our last newsletter, as wildfires and smoke have enveloped much of the Bay Area in recent weeks. Our hearts are with those affected, and we are grateful for the work of firefighters, first responders, and other community partners who are helping those most heavily impacted. A big thank you to the staff from all the One Tam partners who have continued with their critical monitoring and management work in the field while gracefully adapting to new safety protocols.

As the seasons shift and fall begins, we’re celebrating the successful completion of our popular high school summer internship program, which engaged 22 youth in a new online format.

We’ve excited to share several upcoming programs with you. Read on to learn more about today's online conversation in honor of California Biodiversity Day, the One Tam Summit, Coastal Cleanup month, and our next One Tam Member Webinar on forest health!

Thanks to all of our One Tam members and supporters who invest in our work and the mountain. We are most grateful. Not a member? Join now

Cailey Gibson

Associate Director, Individual Giving, One Tam


One Tam Summer Internship Program Goes Virtual  

LINC summer youth program- virtual gathering

  LINC 2020 participants. Photo: Grecia Pacheco/Parks Conservancy


This summer, our youth team quickly and successfully adapted the popular LINC summer high school internship program to a virtual experience for 22 youth. The program included a combination of online instruction and learning with outdoor projects that took place in participants’ local parks and neighborhoods. 

One Tam agency partner staff, including Marin County Parks, Marin Municipal Water District, California State Parks, and the National Park Service, and colleagues at other partner organizations, including the East Bay Regional Parks and Peninsula Open Space Trust, supported the LINC program by providing programming and sharing their experiences as conservation professionals with LINC participants. 

During the course of the four-week environmental education program, participants studied the effects of climate change in local communities and watersheds, engaged in team building, and developed their leadership and professional skills. 

As one LINC participant noted, “though I’ve lived close to the public lands all my life, until now I never realized how important they are to my well-being, and that of the community around me.” 

We recognize that engaging the next generation of Mt. Tam enthusiasts is essential for the mountain’s health and longevity. Thank you for all you do as members of One Tam to bring opportunities such as these to Bay Area youth. Click here to learn more about our education and youth programs.


This Afternoon! Online Panel to Celebrate California Biodiversity Day  

California Biodiversity Day 2020 logo

This year, California's Biodiversity "Day" is being celebrated today through September 13.


Did you know? California is a global biodiversity hot spot with the most species and ecosystems in the nation, and, closer to home, Mt. Tam serves as a vital refuge for many threatened, endangered, and special status species. Here at One Tam, we’ll be celebrating California Biodiversity Day today, September 10, with an online panel. Come explore One Tam partner California State Parks’ work to protect biodiversity, get a peek into work in the field, learn about career paths, and ask questions. This session is aimed at middle and high school students and is open to the general public. Register here

Want more ways to celebrate? Check out other California Biodiversity Day programs hosted by our friends around the state, which runs from September 5-13. You can find a full listing here


Registration Now Open for One Tam Virtual Summit on Climate: Change and Resilience  


  View from Mt. Tam's East Peak. Photo: Ryan Curran White/Parks Conservancy


Mark your calendars and register here for the 2020 One Tam Virtual Summit happening in October! The One Tam Summit is a popular biannual program that brings together One Tam partner staff, scientists, community members, students, and supporters, and we hope you’ll join us. 

This year, our theme is Climate: Change and Resilience. We’ll explore a range of topics including climate change impacts in Marin County, the work of One Tam and others to address them, intersections with public health and equity, the 2020 fire season that is deeply affecting the Bay Area, and more.  

We'll be launching a new format this year with five online sessions, one session on every Thursday morning in October, 9am-12pmThe weekly session topics include: 

  • October 1: Setting the Stage: Marin’s Ecological and Social Climate   

  • October 8: Resilient Forests   

  • October 15: Changing Shorelines  

  • October 22: Resilient Species   

  • October 29: Local Solutions  

Please visit to register and see the preliminary program. We’ll also be posting additional resources related to the conference content, so check back often!


September is Coastal Cleanup Month  

volunteers on a beach during Coastal Cleanup

  Coastal cleanup volunteers at Rodeo Beach. Photo: Kirke Wrench/NPS


Beach cleanups start at our own front doors. Trash can travel through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach pollution. This September, let's help clean our beaches by cleaning up in our own neighborhoods and local natural areas.  

While we won’t be hosting any One Tam events this year, read more about what you and your family can do to follow guidance from the California Coastal Conservancy here


One Tam Member Webinar: Forest Health   

Mt. Tam forest and meadow

  Potrero Meadow and surrounding forest, an area of current focus for One Tam's forest health and resiliency work. Photo: Spencer E. Holtaway/NPS


Join us Thursday September 24 from 5-6 pm for a special One Tam Member Webinar to learn more about One Tam’s forest health strategy and management plan. We’ll have panelists from our One Tam partners on hand to share our work and answer your questions. 

Please visit for more details or contact Cailey Gibson at to be added to the registration list.

iNaturalist Observation of the Month: Western Sticky Rosinweed

sticky rosinweed.jpeg

Sticky rosinweed, photographed in Mt. Tam's Pantoll area by Morgan Stickrod

The dry season is upon us and most blooms have gone to seed on the slopes of Mt. Tam. Yet the flowers of the sticky western rosinweed (Calycandenia multiglandulosa) are still going strong! This California endemic is well-equipped for our hot, dry summers with its tiny, tough leaves and small white flowers. Delicate beads of sticky dark resin cover the hairy leaves and produce a pungent scent. You can find blossoms throughout the mountain, mainly on open, rocky clay slopes.


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California poppy along Mt. Tam's Ridgecrest Blvd


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