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Institute at the Golden Gate

Institute Convene Program Qualification Application


The Institute at the Golden Gate

The Institute at the Golden Gate is a program of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, a nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. Our mission is to position parks and public lands as the solution to some of society’s biggest social and environmental challenges. To work towards this goal, the Institute uses a proven model of collaboration and innovation, which includes bringing together groups from the business, nonprofit, and government sectors.

We are proud to partner with the Cavallo Point - the Lodge at the Golden Gate, to offer a beautiful setting at a discounted rate for events and convenings that align with this goal.

To qualify your group must:

  • Be a nonprofit, government, or cross-sector institution hosting an event addressing conservation and environmental issues.
  • Host an event taking place between November 1 and April 30 (Holiday weekends excluded. Meeting dates are subject to Cavallo Point Lodge's availability.)
  • Book a minimum of 10 lodging rooms per night.
  • Host a program that encourages cross-sector dialogue, problem-solving, and action in a variety of environmental areas.

Draft Program Qualification Guidelines

All organizations interested in convening a meeting, conference or event at Cavallo Point at the special Institute rate must submit the attached form to confirm eligibility.

For more information please contact the Institute at the Golden Gate at or 415-561-3557.

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Event Details



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Consistency with the Institute Mission


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About the Institute

The Institute at the Golden Gate contributes to a more sustainable and healthy world by harnessing the power of parks and public lands to advance environmental stewardship and human wellbeing.



Public Agency Partners


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